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Rares Bradeanu (Director, Sports & Exercise Therapist)

Rares graduated with a 1st class honours in Bsc (Hons) Sports and Exercise Therapy after many years of education and experience in the field. To pursue his dream of helping people achieve the pain free life they always deserved, Rares established Optimal Physical Therapy and opened his first clinic in Southampton. Working in both sport and private health sectorhe has been able to treat and successfully rehabilitate numerous sports injuries, work injuries, and post operative cases.

Rares Bradeanu, the founder of Optimal Physical therapy. As a highly skilled musculoskeletal clinician, he has dedicated his career to helping people overcome musculoskeletal injuries, chronic conditions, and achieve their health and wellness goals.

By providing the highest quality of care and support, Rares has helped numerous clients build healthier lifestyles and regain their independence. In addition to running Optimal Physical Therapy, Rares is also working as a Musculoskeletal clinician in the physiotherapy department in NHS.

Rares graduated with a First in Sports and Exercise Therapy from Solent University, which has equipped him with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage various musculoskeletal disorders and conditions. His passion for helping others and continuous learning has driven him to pursue advanced training and certifications, ensuring that he stays up to date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

With his expertise in musculoskeletal physical therapy, he is confident in his ability to help people recover from their injuries, surgeries, and chronic pain. Rares takes pride in providing personalized care to each client, creating tailored treatment plans that address their unique needs and goals.

With 17 years of expertise in rehabilitation, Robin’s journey began as a sports therapist and personal trainer. He has collaborated with renowned gyms and sports centers, managing bursary, scholarship, and TASS athletes, some of whom have joined Team GB Athletics. Currently, Robin serves in the NHS as a Senior Occupational Health, Paediatric, and Adult MSK Physiotherapist.

Robin’s passion extends beyond work; he is an avid swimmer, sailor, and outdoor enthusiast. In his spare time, he enjoys being with his family, three horses, and dog—showing his love for animals. Friendly and approachable, Robin loves a good chat, so don’t hesitate to say hello if you see him around!

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