Why am I getting injured?

Discover the main reasons for musculoskeletal injuries and learn how to avoid and recover from them. Take a gradual approach to training and consider manual therapy for a reduced risk of getting injured

If so, then continue reading, as we will explain some of the reasons why injuries happen, but also how you can reduce the risk of injury.

Unlike popular beliefs, injuries do not come due to bad form.

The most common reason we get injured is due to doing too much, too soon after a period of not doing enough for too long.

Most people tend to return back to their favourite activity, sport or hobby without having a gradual approach to said activity. Often we overlook the importance of starting light then progress to hard exercises.

Here are some of the main reasons injuries happen.

Accidents: Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, and to anyone. They can include car accidents, slip and fall accidents, workplace accidents, and more. Unfortunately we cannot predict accidents nor can we fully avoid them, however individuals who have a structured recovery strategy, are bound to heal and recover a lot faster after having an accident.

Sports injuries: People who participate in sports are at risk of getting injured due to collisions, falls or overexertion. The likelihood of sports injuries can be reduced by following an appropriate training program aimed at transforming your weaknesses in strengths.

Overuse: As said above, overuse injuries are usually due to people training too much or too often without paying enough attention to their recovery. As many people know, most of the growth and improvement happens when we recover not when we are training. Training is only a way to stimulate and start the process of growth.

Medical conditions: Certain medical conditions, such as arthritis or osteoporosis, can also increase the risk of injury.

The solution

Here at Optimal Physical Therapy we specialise in injury rehabilitation and prevention. We take a scientific approach to recovery and combine strengthening and conditioning of the body with manual therapy strategies such as sports massage.

Our solution to decrease injury rate revolves around diving deep into people’s day to day habits, physical activity, rest, stress and any mechanical aspects such as muscle imbalance.

Having a regular sports massage is a good way to reduce the injury rate due to its capabilities to improve flexibility, improve circulation, reducing muscle tension and enhancing recovery of the muscles.

The second and probably the best way to reduced the risk of getting injured is to have a gradual approach to training and to make sure you focus on your weaknesses rather than your strengths. A good example of this would be rotator cuff strengthening for individuals experiencing regular shoulder injuries or individuals who suffer from back pain.


“I’ve been seeing Rares over the past few months, and he has been really helpful. Word of mouth, I heard about his services through other martial artists and knew he could help me prepare for my upcoming bout. There were specific pains and old injuries I needed to address. His initial analysis was very thorough, listened to my wants and needs – performance wise and also how I wanted to feel outside of the gym. He’s uses a variety of techniques to alleviate stress in the body, and with his qualifications he uses science backed therapy to increase my range of motion and prescribes exercises to keep these new ranges long term. Over the time spent with Rares so far I feel less pain, and confidence to perform better in my sport. I will continue to see Rares, and would recommend anyone especially people in combat sports to come see him to invest in your overall performance. He’s is very easy to talk to, he gives you hope but is also very realistic, he doesn’t work miracles but his work is successful through sport science, trust the process and you will reap the benefits.” Cat Nicholas

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